Didn’t cook but had some good food.

I have been off kitchen duty for three days. I was attending BrandWealth seminar. It was a wonderful, rigorous and very informative training programme. I can’t thank my boss enough for giving me the opportunity. The venue was a food paradise… Matunga. Rings a bell? Yes. We had some delicious food for lunch but if you are at Matunga, you can’t resist the food around you. I thought, as long as I am visiting this place, I should make the most of it.

So this mad cow has tasted the following stuff in three days-

Butter Chicken, Hyderabadi Chicken, Methi Paratha, Mutton Burger, Mutter Paneer, Mysore Masala Dosa, Pulav, Dahi Vada, Baasundi, Gulab Jamun, phew! There is more but I do not remember.

On Monday, I am going to try something new. So hang on!


I would like to call it Capsicum Scrambled Eggs

Another experiment done well, I made a version of scramble egg that everyone loved. Nothing seems to start without chopping onions. So, we start with chopping 1 onion. I never heard anyone use capsicum with eggs but I thought it is worth giving a shot. I took half a capsicum and chopped it finely.

I kept, now my favourite, a non-stick pan on the gas and added 2 tsp of olive oil. Added the chopped onions and fried it till lightly brown. Then I added the capsicum and let it cook for a while. As opposed to using green chilies, I used chili powder and a little pepper and saute for 2 minutes. Then I added ginger garlic paste in it. If you read Pasta Indiana post, you will know that adding ginger garlic paste on dry pan is a bad idea. Hence, I took a small bowl, added a small amount of ginger garlic paste and some water, and added to the pan. Yay! It did not stick this time! Lesson well learnt.

You may choose to exclude this but I added a slice of bread in the pan. I soaked it in some water and squeezed it. Then broke it in pieces and added it to the pan. Do not ask me why I did that because I do not know. Then came the shop stopper, eggs! Two eggs is all we need and in they go. I sautéed until the consistency of the eggs changed.

I left in on the pan for 2 minutes as I wanted to make chapattis and it started sticking to the pan. I added some milk in it and stirred it until it stopped sticking. I added some salt in it, stirred it and took it off the pan.

It tastes amazing. We had it hot with chapattis at lunch.

Scramble Eggs

Lessons learned:

  1. Eat everything that you cook.
  2. When you use non-stick pan use wooden spoon to stir or saute. Steel or iron spoon with chip off the non-stick pan coating
  3. Trust in yourself

Mad Cow makes Pasta Indiana… and names it so!

For the people who think they cannot cook, may I present to you… drum rolls!!! ‘Pasta Indiana’! I just started on my own with a cup of raw pasta at 5.30 am today, half sleepy but determined to make something edible. There were instructions on the pack of pasta on how to boil it. It says it needed 8 mins to boil and that one should keep stirring so that it doesn’t stick to the utensil. I took half an onion and a tomato to begin with. Chopped them fine until I thought they are fine enough.

I took a non-stick pan to make the sauce. (My mother asks me to use it because there is less chance of me burning something in non-stick pan.) Kept it on the gas, put 2 tsp of olive oil. While the pasta was boiling, I added onion to the pan and let it cook till it was slightly transparent. I added the chopped tomatoes and saw that it was too raw after cooking for a few minutes and not cooking. I added very little amount of water assuming it will help the tomatoes to cook. I never knew tomatoes were so hard to cook, I mean who can imagine? Anyway, it cooked finally.

I took a 1 tsp of ginger garlic paste which was ready-made at home and added it to the pan. Another discovery! You put just the paste in the dry pan it sticks everywhere. Even to you stirring spoon. Next time I will try and dilute the paste in little water and then add.

Next step, little chili powder and garam masala along with some salt. After tasting I realised that I have put too much of chili powder, so next time will have to add less of that. Till the time this gets a little cooked I strained the pasta and kept aside. Then I took a cup of milk and added slowly in the pan and stirred the sauce. When I thought the consistency of sauce was good enough (not very runny), I stopped adding milk. I stirred it for a few seconds and added my boiled pasta. I mixed it for a minute and switched the gas off. And named it Pasta Indiana.

Mission accomplished. Cooked food with no help. We have made a good start. I gave myself an assuring smile and pack it in my dabba.

Cooking time: 30 mins

Lessons learned:

1) Do not add ginger garlic paste on dry hot pan.

2) Keep your station/kitchen platform clean

3) Pasta after boiled expands. Be careful with the portion.

4) Use non-stick pans as a beginner

5) Be careful with the chili powder

Pasta Sauce Pasta Indiana

There is a Mad Cow in my Kitchen!

Hello Readers,

Welcome to my blog. I am going to share with you my kitchen experiences. Considering how disastrous I can be in the kitchen, it is going to be fun. If you think I am going to give you tips on good cooking, or great recipes, then I will have to say you will be disappointed. I am not a cook. I am a mere 24 year old girl, who can’t even boil an egg properly. But I know one fact that there are many more like me. So, to date I know how to make chapattis, rice, Maggi (I know that doesn’t count), and make an omelet. Not that I haven’t tried making anything else but let us face it, I have a long way to go. I might even fail miserably but at least I have started off.

So here on, I begin my journey. Hold on tight. It is going to be a hell of a joy ride.  Kitchen! Here I come 🙂

Let us cook. Let us eat.

Let us cook. Let us eat.