There is a Mad Cow in my Kitchen!

Hello Readers,

Welcome to my blog. I am going to share with you my kitchen experiences. Considering how disastrous I can be in the kitchen, it is going to be fun. If you think I am going to give you tips on good cooking, or great recipes, then I will have to say you will be disappointed. I am not a cook. I am a mere 24 year old girl, who can’t even boil an egg properly. But I know one fact that there are many more like me. So, to date I know how to make chapattis, rice, Maggi (I know that doesn’t count), and make an omelet. Not that I haven’t tried making anything else but let us face it, I have a long way to go. I might even fail miserably but at least I have started off.

So here on, I begin my journey. Hold on tight. It is going to be a hell of a joy ride.  Kitchen! Here I come 🙂

Let us cook. Let us eat.

Let us cook. Let us eat.


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