Mad Cow makes Pasta Indiana… and names it so!

For the people who think they cannot cook, may I present to you… drum rolls!!! ‘Pasta Indiana’! I just started on my own with a cup of raw pasta at 5.30 am today, half sleepy but determined to make something edible. There were instructions on the pack of pasta on how to boil it. It says it needed 8 mins to boil and that one should keep stirring so that it doesn’t stick to the utensil. I took half an onion and a tomato to begin with. Chopped them fine until I thought they are fine enough.

I took a non-stick pan to make the sauce. (My mother asks me to use it because there is less chance of me burning something in non-stick pan.) Kept it on the gas, put 2 tsp of olive oil. While the pasta was boiling, I added onion to the pan and let it cook till it was slightly transparent. I added the chopped tomatoes and saw that it was too raw after cooking for a few minutes and not cooking. I added very little amount of water assuming it will help the tomatoes to cook. I never knew tomatoes were so hard to cook, I mean who can imagine? Anyway, it cooked finally.

I took a 1 tsp of ginger garlic paste which was ready-made at home and added it to the pan. Another discovery! You put just the paste in the dry pan it sticks everywhere. Even to you stirring spoon. Next time I will try and dilute the paste in little water and then add.

Next step, little chili powder and garam masala along with some salt. After tasting I realised that I have put too much of chili powder, so next time will have to add less of that. Till the time this gets a little cooked I strained the pasta and kept aside. Then I took a cup of milk and added slowly in the pan and stirred the sauce. When I thought the consistency of sauce was good enough (not very runny), I stopped adding milk. I stirred it for a few seconds and added my boiled pasta. I mixed it for a minute and switched the gas off. And named it Pasta Indiana.

Mission accomplished. Cooked food with no help. We have made a good start. I gave myself an assuring smile and pack it in my dabba.

Cooking time: 30 mins

Lessons learned:

1) Do not add ginger garlic paste on dry hot pan.

2) Keep your station/kitchen platform clean

3) Pasta after boiled expands. Be careful with the portion.

4) Use non-stick pans as a beginner

5) Be careful with the chili powder

Pasta Sauce Pasta Indiana


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