Patoli – GSB Nagpanchmi Special

This seemed difficult when I started but then everything fell in place. Just a small background. This sweet dish usually is prepared during Ganesh Festival or Nagpanchmi. 


Haldi leaves – # 8 (or Banana leaves if haldi leaves are not available)
Maida or Rice flour 1/4 kg. (Do not get ready made flour. Grind it yourself in the mixer.)
Descicated Coconut powder 150 gms or one Bowl.
Jaggery – same amount as of descicated coconut.
Ilayachi -3 pods. (crushed)
Salt as per Taste (A pinch is enough)


1. Make a batter of flour. Remember to add a little grated coconut to the flour while grinding Consistency is of bhajiya batter. Add salt to taste. 
2. Mix coconut powder, Jaggery and Ilayachi together to blend well.
3. Cut Haldi leaves in 2 to 3 pieces horizontally depending on the size of Patolis needed.
4. Apply thin layer of ghee on the back side (rough side) of the cut leaves.
Preparation: Take a piece of cut haldi leaf. Spread the Maida batter evenly, through out, on the ghee side making a 1/4 inch layer. Put 1 table spoon of prepared jaggery mixture and fold the leaf.
Repeat this preparation process to all remaining leaves and steam them like Idlis.
(If Banana leaves are used, if possible add small piece of Haldi leaf for flavor in the spread batter before cooking.)